The“12th Five Year Plan”of Energy Development

The“12th Five Year Plan”of Energy Development adopted by the meeting states that, during the “12th Five Year Plan”, we must accelerate the transformation of energy production and utilization, strengthen the strategic priority of energy conservation, comprehensively enhance the efficiency of conversion and utilization in energy development, reasonably control the total energy consumption and build a safe, stable, economic and clean modern energy industrial system. The major tasks shall be: 1, Strengthen the exploration and development of domestic resources. Safely and efficiently develop coal, conventional oil and gas resources, improve the shale gas and coal-bed methane exploration and development and actively and orderly develop hydropower as well as wind, solar and other renewable energy. 2, Promote the efficient and clean conversion of energy. Develop efficient and clean coal power, promote coal washing and deep processing, intensively develop the oil refining and processing industry and orderly develop the natural gas power generation.3, Promote the mode change of energy supply. Vigorously develop distributed energy and smart grid construction and strengthen the construction of energy supply facilities for new energy vehicles.4, Speed ??up the construction of energy storage and transportation facilities to enhance the ability of emergency reserve support.5, Implement the energy livelihood projects and promote the equalization of basic public energy services in urban and rural areas.6, Reasonably control the total energy consumption, comprehensively promote energy conservation and efficiency and strengthen the management of energy use.7, Advance the reform of the key fields of electricity, coal, petroleum and natural gas and rationalize the energy pricing mechanism to encourage private capital to enter the field of energy. Promote technological progress, improve the level of scientific and technical equipment, deepen international cooperation and safeguard energy security.


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