RED Programme Completion Meeting held in Beijing

On December 16, 2014, the completion meeting to summarize the Sino-Danish Renewable Energy Development Programme (RED) and the kicking off project Boosting RE as part of China’s energy system revolution” was held in Beijing. In the meeting, results and achievements of the RED programme were presented to the audience, showing significant joint efforts done by Chinese and Danish RE and clean energy sectors through the cooperative project. Follow-up collaborative programme considerations were also introduced. Representatives from Chinese National Development and Reform Commission, the National Energy Administration, the Ministry of Commerce, the Danish Energy Agency, and the British Children’s Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF), as well as the renewable energy research institutions, industries were among the invited guests. Mr. Zhang Yuqing, Deputy Administrator of the NEA and Director General Morten Bæk for DEA delivered the speeches.
As the largest Denmark-China cooperative project in renewable energy, the RED Programme started in 2009, aiming to improve the Chinese government institutional capacity in addressing climate change and making decisions in clean energy strategies and development roadmaps. After five years of implementation, the RED Programme has successfully achieved the targets and helped establish the China National Renewable Energy Centre (CNREC), a national level renewable energy decision support capability. Since founding in 2012, CNREC has conducted studies on the China’s 12th five year (2011-2015) planning for renewable energy development, 2050 China Sustainable Energy Development Strategies, Renewable Energy Subsidies and Prices research, and many other strategic planning and policy studies. Results from CNREC also provided a strong support in international bilateral projects in renewable energy with Denmark, Germany, the US and UK, as well as helping China become a member of International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA). Specifically RED Programme sponsored 12 technology innovation cooperation projects in companies, universities, and research institutes between the two countries to promote China’s renewable energy technology improvement and industrial development.
The fruitful results from RED project are well received by the workshop participants. Mr. Zhang Yuqing, Deputy Administrator of the NEA pointed out that RED project has successfully achieved its stated objectives. The establishment of CNREC has strongly promoted China's renewable energy technology progress and industrial system development. Director General for Danish Energy Agency, Mr. Morten Bæk also made positive comments on the RED project and said that successful cooperation between Denmark and China will encourage more bilateral and multilateral international cooperation in the future, and also bound for further contributions to the global clean energy development and climate change programs.
Soon after the RED wrap up, Children’s Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF) will be funding a joint strategic research program by CNREC, DEA, and USDOE NREL with the title “Boosting renewable energy as part of China's energy system revolution”. Denmark will continue to support CNREC in the coming years.


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